Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring break potty training

I know that it was time to start potty training when every time Smith pooped he went behind the red chair in my living room and upon completion would come find me and say "Mama I poop behind the red chair."

First spring practice

We are gearing up for baseball!

School Easter Party

Daddy got to take Mollie Jane to her school Easter party.

Sissy's spring date with Daddy

Chick fill A, a Walmart manicure, Toys R Us to pick out an outfit for sissy's Ken doll (J loved that she specifically wanted Ken to get as Sissy calls it a "beater" or ribbed tank top), massage chairs at the mall, and of course Mr Bulky's candy store
All = a perfect date night with her Daddy!

Oh Winston

Sissy was on the fence about Winston riding next to her on a trip to Petsmart. She says "Mommy, I think Winston has BO.". My reply "You think?". Oh Winston!

Work with Mommy

Work with Mommy. A bit rare but my friends had to come to work with me for a bit and get picked up by a dear friend who took them for a Saturday while Jason had army drill and our sitter was sick. Sometimes we just make it work people!

Reflecting on a great trip

After I sadly parted from my Dad and sister in Chicago I took a wonderful 6 mile or so jog along the waterfront. It was an absolute great run not just cauz of the weather and scenery but got to really reflect. I was just reminded what a blessing my family has been. My sister and I got a rare opportunity to make sure my Dad understood how grateful we are to him for the Godly legacy he instilled in both of us. My Dad has always led more by example than words and there has been such a drive within me to continue that within my own family. My Dad wrote me a very kind but unnecessary thank you note where he summed it up and said "it is not very often that Dad's and daughters get that rare opportunity.". Thank you Lord for those opportunities and may they bring glory to you for the blessings you have given us through family. I pray I continue to be bold and speak of the gratefulness and blessing that people and family are to me because I have been reminded this year once again that life is a gift and don't take the opportunity lightly to remind someone that they are a blessing to you. I never know how long I will have them around to let them know that. I love you Dad

Jackson and the BIG trophy

After our game the boys got to see the World Series trophy from 2011. How cute are these little boys in their uniforms. Our 4th year on our team!

Bears baseball

Even Smith loves spring baseball

End of the year Band concert

Jackson's end of the year band concert was great. He played for about 30 minutes and did awesome! Smith was a little done after two hours of music though!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chicago with Melissa & Dad

We had an absolutely wonderful time taking my Dad to Chicago. It was a
much needed get away for all three of us. We all met up on Saturday
evening and had a fabulous Chicago Pizza dinner. We shopped and went to a
Cubs game on Sunday and then Monday we shopped some more, went on an
architectual boat tour, in Sears Tower and to a fabulous dinner Monday
evening. We had breakfast Tuesday morning and then all went our seperate