Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Brawner's Christmas Letter 2004

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Merry Christmas from the Brawner household. Once again it has been another fun filled year for the Brawner's. We had just finished remodeling our entire kitchen in April when we came across another house in our neighborhood that we fell in love with. We moved five blocks south of our old house in July. We love our new house and are enjoying lots more space for all the plastic toys we have so recently acquired. After this last move we have realized that we do not enjoy moving nor do we want to do it again anytime soon. Jackson is now 20 months old and at such a fun age. He talks all day, every day in complete and very antimated sentences (just like his mother). He is all boy but has a very sweet, loving personality (just like his father). He does a Parents Day Out program at a local church once a week and loves it He is the youngest in the class but he's a big boy and towers above the other toddlers in his class and therefore refers to his classmates as "babies." Jason is still flying for a local software company and now is also their director of marketing. His job has been pretty busy this year as he typically flies one or two days a week and then fits five days of marketing in on the days he isn't flying. Luckily Jason's office is close to our house so Jackson and I are so fortunate to have him drop in frequently for lunch. Jason has been working with the youth group at our church and really enjoys the challenge of trying to speak to junior high students. I am still working as a licensed counselor at a private clinic. I am really finding my job challenging and very rewarding and am now working two full days a week. This year, I also am doing lots of volunteering through Junior League, enjoying a Bunko group, a ladies group at church, play groups with jackson and a toddler music class. Jackson enjoys being spoiled as he has gone to San Antonio for several trips to stay with my parents and he loves his frequent sitings of Jason's parents from Branson. Jason and I were able to get away for a week and take a Caribbean cruise with some great friends in May and then went to Texas and spent a great weekend at the lake in August. Our families are all doing great My sister and her husband just bought a townhouse in Washington D.C., Jason's sister and her husband just bought a house in Los Angeles, and Jason's brother and his wife just bought a house in Oklahoma City. We wish they were all closer but we think everyone will be far away for a while. We are thankful for all Christ's wonderful blessings during this crazy Brawner year but most of all we are thankful for Christ himself who sometimes seem to get forgotten during this busy holiday season. Merry Christmas! Our New Address Jason, Alison & Brawner alisonbrawner@yahoo.com 1355 S. Fairway jasonwbrawner@sbcglobal.net Springfield, MO 65804 #417-889-6506

The Brawners Christmas 2004 Posted by Hello