Wednesday, September 05, 2012

More Austin fun

More Fun times in Austin

Horseshoe Bay Fun

A big highlight of my year is going to the lake with my dearest college friends.  I am so blessed to have these girls as my friends.  They are truly like sisters.  I have known them so long (because I'm soo old) and I love that I know their families and now their kids.  It is so fun now with all the kiddos and watching them become friends and interact.  We got there Thursday afternoon, we boated, we played, we ate and the little girls stayed up half the night with Anna and Sam.  Friday we did the same thing and my sister and parents came out and we cooked some delicious pulled pork sandwiches in the Anna's new fancy crockpot.  Then all the kiddos left and the adults hung out with sweet Elle and baby Matthew.  It was very relaxing and we took a couple of "Booz cruises" but now that the "Mamba boat" is gone they are really no longer bumpy and pretty uneventful.  Maybe we are just getting older.  We hung on the dock and soaked up the sun.  Some of the more adventuresome folks skied.  All in all it was a great weekend.  It went by way too fast. It is always hard to leave because I am reminded (as I have been for the last 16 years) that I don't live in Texas anymore.  It is hard enough living far away from my family but every annual lake weekend I realize how much like family my friends are and it stinks always stinks leaving your family.  

A trip to Texas

Mollie Jane, Smith and I made the trip to San Antonio in the Prius!  We celebrated Pops birthday and Mollie Jane's birthday before we headed to the lake.