Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A great Tulsa Weekend

We snapped some Christmas pictures in Tulsa. We had a blast staying at the hotel in downtown Tulsa for Ms Steph's wedding. It was tight all 5 of us in a room but everyone did great. Jason and I just laugh that staying in a hotel for our kids is the biggest thrill. We got home just in time to decorate and put up our Christmas tree. We are ready for Christmas for sure


Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Sweet Miss Steph got married!

How honored we felt to be a part of Miss Steph's big day.  Mollie Jane wore my Mom's dress (that I wore too).  It was precious.  The kids did awesome and the Brawner family tore it up on the dance floor at the reception.  We had a great time in Tulsa and of course there is nothing better for my kids than two nights in a hotel!  Some fun memories

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving at my cousin's house.  We go over there every year and get fed an amazing meal.  They are so gracious and my kids look forward to it so much.  My parent's best friend (and our Godmother) Cathy Dean came down and got to spend the day with us also.  It was a lovely day where I ate too much and laughed a lot and enjoyed laughing with and at my kids.

Brawner family Thanksgiving

We love our Claire

My kids adore their second cousins Camp and Claire. They have been so unbelievably good to us and have given us so many wonderful hand me down toys and clothes and no matter what it is even if it's like a rubber ball my kids think it is the greatest thing ever cauz because it once belonged to Camp or Claire. What a huge blessing they are to us. I love these pics of my kids having fun with Claire Thanksgiving Day! Jackson and Claire even did a little duet concert of Jingle Bells. Too bad GeGe the musician matriarch of the family wasn't alive to see it.

Thanksgiving Day with Big

My kids got super into making their Grandfather Big a poster because they were really worried about his knee replacement surgery. Jackson is into writing funny stories and constructed this very funny story about Santa and a blue taco. He then proceeded to do a section "about the author" and fully describe himself complete with his school photo. Mollie Jane just drew pictures so Jackson helped her place a photo of herself and did an "about the illustrator" section. Big got out of the hospital Thanksgiving evening after having been there 3 days and two nights. We were so glad and of course so grateful to Aunt Jill for getting the whole family together to celebrate Thanksgiving evening together in Branson.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jackson's field trip

Jackson's class went on a field trip to a cave, McDonald's, and a Natural History Museum.  Smith, Mollie Jane and I met up with them at McDonald's and it was a good thing because Jackson might have starved eating only one cheeseburger and apples!  We ate with him and then headed to the history museum where they talked a lot about Missouri archaeological history and all the caves and then about fossils.  It was very interesting.  Smith got asked to leave because he was a "loud guy" and talking about everything in the museum.  He thought it was interesting too.  Smith ended up watching a DVD in the car with another Mom while we finished the presentation. The kids got to go through the museum and the big deal was there was a gift shop where you could buy rocks and all sorts of things.  Jackson took all his allowance and decided he needed to buy his sister a gemstone ring which was on sale for $1.00.  It was really priceless though cauz all he bought was something for Sissy and he let her pick it out.  She felt like a million bucks.  We then went on a hike by a cave and dug for fossils.  It got a little windy and cold for my tasted but the kids had a blast and Jackson says it was the best field trip he has ever had.  Now he and Mollie Jane are spending lots of time exploring rocks outside our house and trying to hall them all inside!