Saturday, February 25, 2012

My week with Mammy

Play, play, play! Fun, fun, fun!

Get our Mammy back

Oh Lordy me we miss Mammy! She really "held down the fort" while we took our special needs people on a cruise. It was the coldest week of the year with 2 snow days. Mammy had Smith and they did a Valentines party, swimming lessons, kindermusic, BSF, PDO, Chuck E Cheese, Cheddars, Steak n Shake, Petland and lots more! She helped watch everybody while I worked 11 hours the day after we got back from the cruise. She did all our trip laundry, cleaned our house and took care of 2 dogs, 1 bullfrog and 1 lizards and about 3 dozen crickets!! She's one in a million! Please come back and why do you live so far away?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Living Up the Last Moments on the Boat

What a Blast!  We were literally the last ones off the boat.  They had to kick us off.  The kids and Jake and Harlee did a dance off the last night on the boat.  I was impressed as they got up in front of a theater full of people and did a free dance.  Mollie Jane got a little nervous and froze and sweet Jake sensed it so he came out and free danced with her and then she went to town with her moves.  Jake and everyone got a little tired after dinner.  I think it was all the "chocolate melting cake" we ate.  We managed to get a second wind every night though for dancing!

The buffets are over people!

We are still eating & acting like we are on the ship at the all you can eat buffets! Last night we had an amazing barbecue dinner in Memphis & a great brunch at Cracker Barrel this morning! We're home now & back to our normal size portions of healthy food! Oh dear! I think I'll miss these precious students way more than the food though!

Dinner & Dancing

Dinner & Dining Night 2

The Fun Continued on the Carnival Elation as we loved dinner and the dancing and the shows every night.