Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Baseball team

The team! Jackson went to his first big sleepover with his baseball team. He played in a huge tournament Saturday & survived the heat from 9-4! Go Bears!

Still Carley's Crafts for Christ Week

Our Carley Mac is still here and we are soo thankful.  Carley's Crafts for Christ week is still in full force!  We did moon sand, felt owls, chocolate finger painting, strawberry cake, Amazing Race party, rain clouds, styrofoam painting, say-so, cross carry,  and last but not least purchased a bus and a fun date day with Jason, Carley, Jackson & Karen.  Carley's week is coming to a close and we are so bummed but thank goodness she is a camper term 4 so we still get to see her.  

June Baseball

All I can say is "Go Bears!"  We love our baseball team and all the folks on it.  But it is very challenging playing as much baseball as we have been playing and commuting!  

A special night

Two very special Barnabas Staffers got married last night.  It was such a sweet, personal wedding.  Mollie Jane thought she was soo special that she got to come.  We ate, danced & chased fireflies with Daddy.