Monday, November 01, 2010


Our sweet amazing neighbor who lives directly behind us Mrs Frannie and her husband Dr. Bob. Every year she gets a special trick or treat goodie bag for my kids. She is an amazing lady and such a servant. She is so supportive of Jason being in the military and working at Camp Barnabas. Don't know what we would do without her.

Our new "big brother" George and his sweet girlfriend Kara!

Jason and I had a blast at a Halloween party for some church friends. Yes, once again in typical Brawner fashion we won the award of the funniest costume.
Antoinne and his sister Kelly Dodson. They are the famous video on U-tube. Check it out if you need a good laugh. "Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife." Oh Dear!!!

What a treat that Big and SueSue got to come up and see us all dressed up and join in the fun.

We had a great Halloween. Most importantly, Jason was supposed to leave us for 7 and a half weeks to do some Army training and literally at the very last minute it was postponed on Jason's part until this spring. So I hate that we can't get this little "mini deployment" over with but I am so thankful to have had him on Halloween and for the holidays.
We went over to Paul and Cyndy's house. They are literally our family. They adore the kids and would do anything for us. Cyndy cooked some yummy soups and the kids went over early to her house to help her decorate. I would say there were close to 1800 trick or treaters (estimating the amount of candy they had and when it was all gone). It was so crazy but my kids had so much fun. They loved passing out the candy to other kids just as much as they did receiving it. Jackson loved his themed idea this year of the "ketchup, mustard, and cheeseburger." We definitely didn't see anyone else dressed as that this year. Jason brought the golf cart from Camp Barnabas and we cheated and drove it around to some of the blocks further down and in the Halloween parade. Jason's parents came up and got to do some trick or treating with us as well. George (our adopted big brother) and his girlfriend Kara were also there trick or treating. Of course, a huge hit is the annual "candy time" where you just dig into your bowl and eat candy. We always have to "qualify" for dessert in the Brawner House and the great thing about Halloween is you don't have to really "qualify" you just get to eat your candy. Smith really got into picking out candy from people's bowls as we went house to house. He didn't really say much but just held the candy in his little chubby hand like it was a hot wheels car or something until each piece was melted flat. What a night.

Our Springfield and Purdy family. Oh how thankful we are for Paul and Cyndy. Couldn't love them more

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