Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Polar Express with Vivie

We had such a blast with Aunt Jill & Uncle David on the Polar Express.  They were in a separate car that was attached to ours.  All my kids love their Aunt Jill and Vivie but Smith especially has such a place in his heart for his JJ & Viv.  They have invested so much time and help with us this last year when we really needed it and because of that we have such a special bond.  I truly don't know what we would do or where we would be without them.  So the Choo Choo ride with Vivie was like over the top for big Smith. A couple of times when I turned my head he ran to Aunt Jill's car and stayed there.  The last timeUncle Dave brought him back and asked if we recognized the chubby red fellow!  What a fun night!  We probably should have stayed in their coach cauz the vicious conductor was pretty nice to them!!!

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