Sunday, October 30, 2011

MJ's Halloween party at school

Mollie Jane loves school and loves parties so party day at school is heaven for her. Plus Mommy and the chicken were there. Smith follows Sissy everywhere and doesn't miss out on a single snack that gets passed out!

Sunday Fun

We had a great Sunday. We went to the spooky symphony, had a piano
recital, Mommy did a 10 mile training run, went to our church trunk or
treat and loaded up on candy and then ended the night with my three
precious friends and their husbands for a festive fall retirement party.
We are tired! God is good what a fun day.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Smith's Halloween kindermusic

Smith had fun dressing up as a chicken for Kindermusic!

Our Halloween debut

We got to go to "Boo at the Zoo" the other night and enjoy the gorgeous Missouri weather. Jackson is an angry bird, Smith is a chicken and Mollie Jane is an owl. The family of the Brawner birds had a great night getting candy, checking out the animals and riding the train. It was our first big reveal of all the birds together!

Oh swimming!

Miss Carol definitely earned her pay today. Smith had his first full swim lesson. Usually he splits the 30 minute instruction time with his sister but today it was all Smith. It would be about three minutes of solid screaming and then Miss Carol does a little game or finger song and Smith would calm down. She is teaching him to " bubble down" and learn to go underwater. He would be screaming and you would hear her say "bubble down" and he would stop screaming and do what he was supposed to do (go underwater blow bubbles out nose, come up and take a breath) and then the screaming would immediately start again. Afterwards Ms Carol gave him some bear cookies and I was using positive self talk with him while he was doing his sobbing breaths and he would repeat "fun at swim". He is great at repeating what I say but in between our self talk he would say " like the cookies" and "I nakey". So really the only part of this costly swim lesson he remotely enjoyed was it ending, being naked, and eating cookies!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mollie Jane's Ballet Fall 2011

Mollie Jane loves ballet. She moved up a class this year and is with her
best friend Ellie. They are so precious and she is most serious. Her
teacher is fabulous. Very serious, classical ballet studio with a
Christian emphasis. Mammy would sure be proud. Sissy is doing so well

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Mizzou dinner

Mammy and Pops stayed a couple of nights after taking the big two kids to Disney. While Mommy was working and Daddy had army they babysat everybody and got people dressed in their Mizzou clothes. We had a victory dinner at our favorite place Fuji's. It was lots of fun and we were super sad to see them go!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

More of Disney