Monday, November 12, 2012

Kanakuk Pick Up

What an absolute joy and pleasure it is to send Jackson to Kanakuk for a month.  We are blessed that we have the ability to do that.  Probably one of my favorite places in the world to be is at Kanakuk.  God really revealed himself to me there on so many different levels and it was there that I really began to understand who I was in Christ.  Jackson was in Cabin 1 with three amazing counselors.  His best bud Tiki and he were bunkmates.  Jameson his cousin came the last two week. He loved trip and got the swimming award (because that was his specialty).  It was awesome picking him up.  The Choctows won!  We had a fun celebration with the Heinrichs and The Brawners at Huhots when we picked them up!  What memories were made those 28 days!  I hope Jackson is like me and someday he realizes how that place blesses you even when you're not there and how many things learned there were my foundation for understanding Christ.

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