Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas 2007

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Thanks Be Unto God for His Unspeakable Gift. 1 Cor 9:15

That verse just about sums up the year for the Brawners. We have much to be thankful for but our best gift is truly our Savior. How fortunate we are to know Him.

Jackson is four-and-a-half years old and is our loving, sensitive, talkative, busy big guy. This year he played soccer, basketball, and golf. He does swimming lessons at the same Drury pool where Jason grew up swimming. He wants to play every sport his Daddy played and so far his favorite is golf because he gets to play with Jason. He attends preschool four mornings a week and Bible Study Fellowship.

We occasionally think about our life before Mollie Jane and we just can’t imagine it. She is our laid back, outgoing, yet determined family comedian. She, of course, wants to do anything and everything her older brother does. Yet, she is all girl. She loves shoes, accessories, babies, dresses, and hair bows. She is constantly nurturing all her babies, stuffed animals and everyone she comes in contact with. She goes to Parents Day Out one morning a week and a baby music class another morning a week.

I am working one day a week counseling children and families. I am also volunteering a couple of times a month counseling at a local children’s shelter. I feel challenged and still find my job very rewarding. I did training for a week in Chicago last spring and a week in California this fall. I manage to stay busy but if free time ever exists we love to go for a run, entertain, spend time with friends (and usually their kids too), or head down to Branson and relax.

Jason still owns TrialPoint, a Trial Services company, with our brother-in-law in California. He is still flying but more for pleasure. He is building several housing developments in the Springfield/Branson area. He has started an excavation company and an Amish framing company to help him with his developments. While his work schedule has been busy, he is really enjoying this new challenge. Jason and I are both doing a Bible Study on the book of Matthew this year and are enjoying it.

Our family went to Washington DC for spring break and was able to go to the White House Easter Egg Hunt and use my sister Melissa’s connections in the White House to do some special activities. We took several trips to San Antonio to see family and friends. We spent a lot of time in Branson at our lake condo this spring and summer when it was not rented. We vacationed with Jason’s family in Branson for a week this summer and had fun on the lake. We spent a week in Kiawah Island with Alison’s family. Jason and I celebrated our 11th anniversary this summer and took a much needed getaway to the Bahamas for a week. Our pets are still alive and kicking (the cat barely).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jason, Alison, Jackson, & Mollie Jane Brawner

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