Friday, December 26, 2008

Let the blogging fun begin

I am taking a stab at blogging. The other day our sweet, favorite babysitter (who has been with us practically since Jackson was born) reminded me of this funny saying Jackson used to say when we would hold him up to the mirror when he was a toddler. At that moment I realized I had totally forgotten that memory and it was only a couple of years ago. I think it was at that moment when I felt like I needed to write down some of those cute fun things that occur daily in our house. I have always said "I need to write that down and keep of book of all those special little memories," and of course I never do. I feel with a third child coming life will only get crazier and my memory is only going to fail me more. So it is my hope that I can write down some memories and events from the Brawner's day to day life so that one day I can look back and remember them. Maybe one day my kids can have some written memories of themselves and our crazy but fun life. I think I also got a little pressure from all my blogger friends Shawna, Christy, Penny, my sister, etc.. (most especially Natalie my blogging idol who helped me get my blog up and running) who all are master bloggers. I do not feel totally in touch with the cyber community out there so this is really a big deal for me. Let me just say if Alison Brawner can figure out how to blog anyone can do it. So here is to my crazy new years resolution.

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