Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Happy Mother's Day

I woke up to this awesome Mother's Day card. I love that I am the "chubbiest one" on the end in purple with Baby Smith in my tummy! Priceless!

We had a great Mother's Day. It kind of went on all week last week. Jackson had a Mother's Day Tea at school last week. He wrote me a poem with illustrations and presented me with a handmade flower pot. Mollie Jane also had a tea at her school and made me a candle and was more into the buffet line with the cakes and cheeses for her tea than her gift for me. Jason and I celebrated by going out to our favorite Mexican food restraunt in Branson Friday night and just relaxing. We had a great day Sunday lunch at our club and then came home and worked our "biscuits off" trying to finish Baby Smith's room and it is still not quite done (AHHH) but we're getting closer. We also celebrated Sunday night in typical Brawner style a dual celebration of Mother's Day and completion of Mollie Jane's potty training with donuts in the loft. We did the first phase of our potty training in December and that was very successfull so for Mother's Day we think we completed phase #2 (literally-HAHAHA) of potty training for Mollie Jane. That was about the best present I could get. So we enjoyed a low social schedule for the weekend which is usually not been our style the last several weekends! So all in all it was lovely.

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