Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are just waiting.

I feel like the nesting is finally complete. School was out this last week and we have been sleeping in and trying to rest up. We are ready for Baby Smith to come! The question is where is he? With my official due date being May 31 and knowing the Brawner's are not super early people, we will just have to wait and see. If I never see my sewing machine again or a paint brush, I might be okay. Jason is a little jittery and really probably more ready for Smith to get here than myself. Jackson and Mollie Jane love his room. Mollie Jane is obsessed with his mobile and that she will share her old crib with him. I catch Jackson in there laying on Smith's day bed with all his webkins just hanging out. Jackson asks every morning if Baby Smith is going to come today. I just keep telling him it is up to God and God knows when he is coming. So Jackson just wants to pray a lot more. Me too! We are just glad we are prepared for the big man and hopefully when he arrives (whenever that is) there will be no more project or severe nesting at the Brawner house. Just lots of holding Baby Smith. Poor kid I hope he is ready for our crazy life and a fun filled summer. I hope he gets here soon because I am running out of "Tums" and just the other day I had one woman ask me if I was diabetic (seriously, am I that big) and another woman who has twins herself asked me if I was carrying twins. I am definitely feeling chubby and the last two days we have gone to the pool and I am officially sunburned. I just kept telling myself I always feel thinner when I am tan but I am not feeling thinner just sunburned! Way to go Al!

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Am sure there is news by now????