Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The new "buzz cuts" at the Brawner house

Jason our chaplain canidate

My Dad a 29 year retired colonel

The Brawner boys got buzz cuts. I can't say that I love them but they are growing on me and am afraid I will have to learn to love "the buzz cut" because Jason will have one for at least the next 20 years. I feel like most people know that Jason joined the Army National Guard this March and is currently a chaplain canidate. Therefore, he has a buzz cut. Jackson who was hesistant at first hesitant about Daddy becoming a soldier is now so excited and wants to get buzz cuts with his Dad. It will take Jason about 3-5 years of graduate school (going part time)until he will become a full chaplain. It is going to call for weeks and weeks away from our family the next three years with officer training school, one weekend a month in Jefferson City, two weeks every summer and then the very good possibility after the graduate school craziness is over that he will be deployed. We are all so proud of Jason making this big commitment. It was not an easy decision for either of us but we both felt strongly that the Lord had his hand in this. God really began to tug at Jason's heart to do this. Many of you know my Dad is a retired Colonel in the Army so in many ways this sort of lifestyle is not new to me. My Dad was in the army for 29 years and gave up many weeks and weekends to serve in the army. I am so proud of my Dad for so many of his accomplishmenst but one of the things I am most proud of is his service to our country. I know Jason has also. I think my Dad's example of service was one of the many things that inspired Jason. So if Jason get deployed for a year I may be swearing at my Dad (HAHAHA). I had to talk to our neighbors about Jason's new army venture because one neighbor saw him and thought he was going to a costume party. They already think we are nuts cauz we lead crazy lives but when they saw him multiple times in his uniform they began to wonder. So it is all straightened out now and the kids are excited because they love Daddy in his uniform. Also in typical Brawner style, when Daddy is gone once a month for drill weekend, they get to have a sleep over with Mommy and have donuts. WOOHOO! I am not sure how I will work it out when Daddy goes away for weeks at a time because Mommy can't eat donuts every night then or I will never loose this baby weight!
Jackson is so pumped to have a buzz cut like his Dad!


The Pardues said...

Did Ja stop and Lowery City to get his buzz cut?

Heather said...

We're so proud of you, J! It's so adorable how proud Jackson is of you too, you can see it on his face. We love you guys - let us know if we can help any when he is gone, Al. And for goodness sakes, will you kick that baby out already?! We're ready to meet him. love you!