Saturday, June 13, 2009

Coming Home from the Hospital

Baby Smith came home. I was a little sad to leave the hospital. The hospital stay is always my favorite part of having a new baby. I love it. It is heaven on earth. All the visitors, the around the clock care by fabulous nurses, unlimited food at the push of a button, hanging out in your jammies all day, Jackson coming up every day for his body rest with his favorite movie in our hospital room, calling the nurse to change the diapers, magazines and movies and just bonding with the baby and Jason. God blessed us with some fabulous nurses who were so kind and nurturing. We left the hospital about 6:30 pm and I could have stayed easily another week. Although, I would have really missed Jackson and Mollie Jane. We came home and my Mom cooked our favorite steak meal dinner. It was just Mom, Jason, Smith and I. It was actually so relaxing and quiet. Mollie Jane and Jackson were at our church VBS with a friend and got home later to celebrate with a "birth cake" for Baby Smith. Smith did great in the hospital and slept great even after all the poking and prodding and circumcising they did to him. I don't know that our house will be peaceful and quiet or there is great sleeping that is going to go on these next several weeks but now that we are home it feels great to start the adjustment to this fun family of five!

Baby Smith in his coming home outfit and lovely hospital pic. I never think these really look like my kids!

Jackson up at the hospital for his body rest with us.

Baby Smith in his "box" as Jackson calls it. We think babies in their boxes are about the cutest thing ever. My favorite sound at the hospital is the sound of the box rolling into your room from the nursery (even at 3am). It just doesn't get much sweeter. Jackson taped up a picture of himself and Mollie Jane for Baby Smith.

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