Friday, June 19, 2009

What A Great First Week And Now Welcome To The Real World!

We have had such a great first week and my Mom left early Thursday morning and therefore the real world has set in. She was like a regular taxi for the kids doing baseball, swim team, golf and the grocery store. It was such a nice two weeks off for me. She came in one week before Smith was born and really picked up the slack for me that week and our first week home. It was lovely. She left our house spotless, squeaky clean and no dirty laundry. After many sad tears for Mammy leaving, we are really doing well but still missing my Mom and sure wish she lived closer. Our first week consisted of lots of fun visitors, Smith's first bath, a trip to the doctor for our first checkup, and many yummy lunches, ice cream snacks and dinners on Mammy. We are just having fun hanging out at home and feel like we aren't accomplishing much during the day but are sure enjoying some great body rests. We are adjusting to less sleep but Smith is sure worth it. The kids are really loving him and every time Mollie Jane see me without Smith (like when he is in his crib or swing) she asks "did Smith go back in your tummy Mommy?" I just kindly tell her it does sort of look like that but he is here to stay.

My Mom's love language is serving. She loved pitching in and doing stuff for us and there is never a time when it is more appreciated than when you have a newborn. Smith sure misses Mammy giving him a bath and his "talk time" every night after his bath.

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Heather said...

He is SO adorable!! What a blessing to have your mom here. Can't believe we haven't made it up to see him yet, but we will. Love you guys!