Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jackson at K-1 for a month

Jackson went to Kanakuk for 28 days! I can't believe he was gone that long! He had a blast. My sweet sister in law Jill picked him up cauz we were in Texas finishing up Camp Barnabas in Medena and visiting family and friends. Jason's parents were also able to be there for closing as well. His three counselors were Jesse, Brooks & Adam. I want to add to this post some fun thoughts from Jackson. But overall: He loved trip. They won honor cabin, loved blobbing, the party barn & camp Sundays! He seemed to bond with his cabin and his counselors stated that he was very wise and mature and was often times a fourth counselor to the rest of the cabin. Oh dear. That's my first born. More than anything I am so grateful that he has this opportunity to get to experience Kanakuk for a month. It is not an opportunity that we take for granted in the Brawner house! We are very blessed!

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