Thursday, August 25, 2011

KC trip and glad to see Mammy & Pops

I made a quick but very important trip to Kansas City to be with family and friends for the passing of our Preston. Preston and Cathy are technically my sister's godparents but I didn't even know that until I was a teenager because they have always loved my sister and I the same. They've been there for just about every major milestone in my life. It was a sad but good day. Lots of reflection and thank-fullness and realizing how incredibly blessed I am. We spent the day all together at Cathy's house and did lots of eating, laughing, games, and reflecting with old pictures. Preston will be missed so much. He was such a man of integrity and honesty. He spoke few words but when he did speak it usually always made me listen intently or crack up with laughter. Mom and Dad came down the day after the funeral and we did a fun but very hot picnic lunch in the park.

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