Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reflecting on a great trip

After I sadly parted from my Dad and sister in Chicago I took a wonderful 6 mile or so jog along the waterfront. It was an absolute great run not just cauz of the weather and scenery but got to really reflect. I was just reminded what a blessing my family has been. My sister and I got a rare opportunity to make sure my Dad understood how grateful we are to him for the Godly legacy he instilled in both of us. My Dad has always led more by example than words and there has been such a drive within me to continue that within my own family. My Dad wrote me a very kind but unnecessary thank you note where he summed it up and said "it is not very often that Dad's and daughters get that rare opportunity.". Thank you Lord for those opportunities and may they bring glory to you for the blessings you have given us through family. I pray I continue to be bold and speak of the gratefulness and blessing that people and family are to me because I have been reminded this year once again that life is a gift and don't take the opportunity lightly to remind someone that they are a blessing to you. I never know how long I will have them around to let them know that. I love you Dad

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