Monday, May 14, 2012

Tapa's and Tophats

What a night. We got all dressed up for the second annual Barnabas fundraiser. It was a huge sucess but of course lots of work as well. Kate Gosslin the star of the TLC TV show "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" spoke. I have always been a big fan of the show and Jason was for sure a "closet watcher." It was fun to meet a celebrity and the Prep students enjoyed it too. I was soo lucky to have Mom and Dad in that week as it was a wild busy week. Jill and David came up and it sure meant the world to Jason to have them there. David went above and beyond in this usual grateful, giving manner and got lots of raffle tickets and played the game for the huge diamond necklace. He was runner up with dog bones and I was soo bummed he didn't win. Our friends the Frech's, the Wades, and the Vances came too. I got my
second cousin Claire and my Uncle to come as well. It was awesome to have the support of lots of family and friends but more than anything it just made my night so much more enjoyable.

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