Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Best Buds in the whole world!

Had to post some Awesome old photos.

Did I ever need a girls weekend or what? I went to Denton to visit my four pledge sisters Anna, Mandy, Christy and Kristen (Red) and had such a fun time. I got in Friday night and we relaxed and had a great dinner prepared by Anna. We slept in, relaxed and hit the big town of Denton for a great afternoon of shopping and the big Denton tour. Anna and Mandy whipped up an amazing steak dinner Saturday night and had some good laughs. We then slept in Sunday and ate some cinnamon roles and hit the road. I love that these are the friends that I see twice a year or so and even though we don't speak a ton during the year (cauz we all lead busy lives), we always pick back up right where we left off. Some of the highlights of the weekend were:
-Red gagging on the hot leftover Chinese food in the car
-Anna (the biggest non-shopper of our bunch)
shopping and making the biggest purchases of the weekend
-Some fun facebook time
-Red ordering a chocolate malt for the first time and not really enjoying it
-Anna's amazing new house
-Looking at Mandy's wedding pics
-Mandy bartering with the antique lady to try to get a deal on a table for Red.
-Hot tubbing it in Anna's awesome backyard and thank God I am not allowed in a hot tub and didn't have to be seen 7 months prego in a swimsuit like my other skinny friends.
-A little post shopping body rest
-Day gowns from Old Navy
-Brawner drama back at home in Springfield (Jason had a flat tire on the highway with the kids)
-The complete oil lamp collection
-Bringing up one of our favorite college stories about how we almost lost our mixers.
I laughed so hard all weekend I think I pulled a muscle in my big fat tummy. It was such a fun weekend and really just what the doctor ordered for Alison Brawner. A great get away with my best buds. Can't wait to see them all Labor Day weekend at the lake with our families and hopefully I'll be looking much thinner than this weekend!

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