Monday, March 23, 2009

I Can't Believe Jackson is 6

Jackson's Sixth Birthday, A "Webkins" bowling party.

Jackson's Fifth Birthday, A "Car's" Party

My fourth birthday, a "Bob the Builder" party.

My third birthday, an airplane party.

My second birthday. A "Maisy" party.

My chubby first birthday

The nurse measured him five times cauz she couldn't believe he was 23 inches long.

The day the big man was born, March 23, 2003

Where has the last six years gone? Seriously, I cannot believe Jackson is six. He is far from perfect but is such a joy to be around. He just cracks us up with his serious, all business about everything attitude. His teachers at school are always talking about how orderly and serious he is. Jason and I laugh because he has so many traits of both of us but then we look at each other and say "where did he get that from?" He is definitely a first born child for sure.
We celebrated the offical day by going to Jump Mania (an awesome place with lots of inflateables) with our best buds Madie and Jenna. We got crazy sweaty! Then for dinner Jackson got to go bowling at Incrediable Pizza. Big, Sue-Sue, Aunt Jill & Uncle David even made it up for the big celebration.

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