Sunday, March 29, 2009

Harper McLean Pardue is here!

Harper McLean made her big debut into the world on March 1, 2009. She was 7 pounds and 9 ounces and 20 inches long. I have been meaning to blog about my sweet niece for weeks but have waited until I came out to Washington DC to actually meet her before I wrote about her in our blog. It is worth the wait because she is more precious than I could ever imagine. It was love at first sight for me (although I am a little prejudice being her only Aunt). She is literally the best baby. She slept for seven hours last night. I keep telling my sister how lucky she is. Harper is four weeks today.
I flew out to Washington DC Saturday and left early in the morning in the pouring rain. and 38 degree weather. After leaving my car in the long term parking and walking in the pouring rain to check in for my 6 am flight. My wet chubby self got wanded in security and then I went to my Springfield gate to wait for my flight. The gate agent then proceeds to take every one's tickets and opens the door and everyone started filing outside. It was still pouring rain and I see a plane outside to the right. He then points not to the closest plane but the one next to which was like a football field away. I about died and I think out of my mouth came "are you kidding." My roll on bag and myself were totally soaked. Of course now there are no blankets on airlines so I froze my biscuits off and about lost my breakfast on the turbulent 45 minute flight but thankfully I hadn't eaten any so I made it okay. I took a little body rest in the St. Louis airport. I was then feeling refreshed and pumped to meet my niece. I noticed as we were boarding the plane an entire football team (the St. Louis Radars) were on our flight. No lie, the two biggest dudes on the whole team and my fat self shared a three seat row. Of course, my chubby eight month pregnant self sat in the middle of these two linebackers. The crazy flight was worth meeting my sweet niece.
We have been relaxing, going through her closet of adorable clothes, awing over her precious nursery, burping her, holding her, tummy time, etc.. It has been great and because she is such an amazing sleeper I think I got 11 hours of sleep last night. This is truly a vacation.

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