Monday, April 06, 2009

Jackson's Big Bowling Birthday

Jackson and Mollie Jane's webkinz partying down at the bowling alley.

Jackson and his ten webkinz.
We had a "rockin" Webkinz bowling party. Jackson was so excited and kept calling it his real birthday. I think in the Brawner house a birthday is not official until you blow out candles on your cake with all your best buds. Jackson insisted on doing a "webkinz" themed party. I am the queen of themes (being a former kindergarten teacher) and I was a little unsure how we were going to pull this one off. Jackson the day before his party made little party hats for all of his webkinz. The webkinz all came to the party and had their own spot on a table with their own cupcakes. Jackson thought they needed a drink with their cupcakes so I busted into a Communion kit (that Jason had recently gotten after receiving his commission into the Army National Guard as a chaplain candidate) so all the webkinz had little glasses of water. My friend Natalie said we could not reuse the cups (even if we washed them) because they are now "de-sanctified" after they have been in the smoker friendly bowling alley that serves alcohol.
The kids bowled and chowed on pizza and cake. Jackson was so excited to open up his gifts. It was a great turnout and was so much fun. It sort of makes me sad that he is growing up so fast and I know there is a day right around the corner where he will not be as "into" his stuffed animals as he is now. He was so excited to share his birthday with his favorite toys in the world right now his "webkinz." All ten of them.

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