Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Harper is so sad and so is her Aunt Alison

Look how sad Harper was about her Aunt Alison leaving!

I had such a great time visiting my niece in Washington DC. She is such a good little sleeper which is why I felt like I was on vacation because I was able to get such great sleep. I told her she takes after her Aunt Alison. Jason has always joked me that my spiritual gift is sleeping. I laid her on my big fat tummy and she slept like a champ. It was so funny because a couple of times when I did that I could feel Baby Smith moving around like a madman. My sister and I decided the cousins were bonding. My sister and I did some fun shopping (thanks to Mom) and Harper came along like a champ in her Bijourn and pumpkin seat. My sister and I love to shop and we thought we might as well instill in Harper the love of shopping at an early age.
I drew Harper a picture of some shapes and she loves looking at them and several times we caught her "cooing" to her shapes. Once again, I am crazy prejudice being her only Aunt but she is so alert and loves looking and listening. At four weeks old she loved books! My sister is doing an amazing job and seems so aware that the newborn stage while really intense just flies by. I wish Harper could stay little forever. I told Harper I will have to "beat her biscuits" if she comes down to Springfield for the Fourth of July and she's grown too much. It was so fun and relaxing and while I was so pumped to get home I soon realized my restful and relaxing vacation was over.

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