Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Our Sweet Boy

A recent picture Jackson drew in school that his teacher loved. Priceless!

Jackson has been such a helper to me during this pregnancy. He has been very concerned about me getting such a big tummy. I think we should all be concerned! He has said numerous times "Mommy, I am worried about you because you have Baby Smith in your tummy." I assure him Mommy is doing fine but just has to take care of herself. He is our little "worry wart" at times. Helping is his love language for sure. His teacher gave me the sweetest picture he drew of our family with Baby Smith in my stomach. It is priceless. He insists on doing everything for me. He opens and shuts all doors, wants to start my car, push my cart at the stores, carry things for me, etc... Jackson has started making me drinks. Being pregnant I have really been into Sprite with pomegranate juice mixed in. It is divine. He makes that drink for me daily about 3:00 or so (body rest time). Jason calls it our cocktail hour. Many days I wish it really was a cocktail. The funny thing is he makes his in one of his plastic cups and he always mixes mine in a wine glass (with a straw of course). It really has been helpful and I am hoping it keeps up after Baby Smith comes (we'll see). Sometimes though it is a little too helpful and takes him three times as long to help me instead of me just doing it for myself. I have to keep reminding myself that he takes such joy and pride in helping though.
He has been very huggable lately and loves to hug my stomach. Whenever he says goodbye or goodnight to me when he always says it to Baby Smith also. It has really been fun being pregnant with a five and a half/six year old because he is so into it all. Sweet Mollie Jane loves anyone and everyone and of course is obsessed with any baby (real or doll baby) but just seems clueless really as to what is going on. Lately, in the mornings I find Jackson in Baby Smith's room just lying down on the day bed in there. This morning he said "I think about Baby Smith a lot of times during the day Mommy." The therapist in me says he definitely has a lot of feelings going on about this pregnancy.
The funniest thing about all of this is ever since I got pregnant he is always draws belly buttons on his people. We call belly buttons "beepers" in our house. I do a lot of work with children and their drawings in therapy and I know that one must be very careful not to question or comment too much on certain aspects of their drawings. It is just so funny and I know one of these days one of his classmates or friends will comment on it and he will realize it is a little odd. In the meantime, I think it is so sweet and hilarious. Every time he draws a picture I wait in anticipation to see if his figures have a "beeper." I know all good things eventually must come to an end. While I have thoroughly enjoyed this pregnancy I have just about hit the time when I think I am looking forward to the end probably cauz I am feeling a little too "large and in charge" these days. I am hopeful that even though the pregnancy is coming to an end my helpful son and his ability to draw beepers on everyone will continue.

A sweet picture Jackson made for my Mom. My parents got Jackson an outside basketball goal for his birthday and he absolutely adores it. This is Jackson and my Mom shooting a basketball with their beepers.

Jackson has become an expert at this picture of our soon to be family of five climbing a mountain with our beepers!

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