Thursday, April 23, 2009

Date Night

Jason and Mollie Jane have done a few date nights and Mollie Jane talks about them constantly. One day when Mollie Jane was talking about it Jackson said "I want to take a date with Daddy too." I took this opportunity to give my son a teachable moment and explain that officially a date is between a boy and a girl. We then decided that we should each go out for a date and then all meet up as a family for ice cream. So we did just that. Jackson had been talking about it for weeks and was so excited. He and I planned what we were doing but kept it a secret from Jason and Mollie Jane. While Mollie Jane and Jason also kept theirs a secret and then we told each other what we did when we met up at TCBY for ice cream. Jackson and I grabbed a quick dinner and then went to see a 3D movie "Monsters vs Aliens." He asked all day long from the time we got up that Wednesday when we were going. He got all dressed up in a sweater vest (probably cauz I Mollie Jane dressed up and he saw that). He wanted to bring three of his webkins (stuffed animals) to the movie. He even buckled them in the back seat with him and buckled one up front with me. We munched on popcorn and had a blast wearing our 3D glasses. Jason took Mollie Jane to get her nails painted and then they went to a dinner and a games place called "Incredible Pizza." Mollie Jane had a blast and Jason said she loved being pampered and held so still for her manicure. I guess she was all smiles about the ultraviolet drying light. We had our favorite TCBY ice cream and Mollie Jane kept looking at her nails and Jackson (just like his Dad does) was quoting all the funny movie lines from the movie we had just seen. They are both growing up so fast. I hope I have several more sweet dates with my son where he wants to bring his webkins along. Jason hopes for many more dates with Mollie Jane where she just smiles ear to ear no matter where he takes her. It was an awesome night!

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