Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Silver Dollar City Day

Both kids had the day off of school on Friday. I was so excited to go to our favorite theme park Silver Dollar City down in Branson. I knew I was feeling big but I stopped counting all my big pregnant comments after 4 people asked me if I was going to deliver yesterday in the park. Most of them were shocked to know I had 5 more weeks. Can't wait to see their faces if they see me back again in a few weeks bigger than I was yesterday! One of the workers even said if I did deliver in the park he would be sure to hook Baby Smith up with a lifetime SDC pass. I think I'll pass! I hope to go back at least one more time before Baby Smith comes but we'll see. I was pretty wiped when we left. I have been there hundreds of times (literally) but had never quite noticed they had that many hills. Jackson was so sweet. All day, without me ever asking, he helped me push the stroller. Sweet Mollie Jane never complained either when I asked her to walk the majority of the park. We saw a couple of the shows for the "International World Festival" and the kids were mesmerized and I was thrilled to sit in AC for 45 minutes. We ate our way through the park and rode tons of rides. Jackson who used to ride most of the roller coasters there has recently become scared of them and no amount of bribing from Mom could get him back on any of them. Of course I guess even if Jackson had agreed to ride a roller coaster he would have been by himself because Mollie Jane and I definitely couldn't have rode with him. So we stuck to the kiddie rides and I even found myself wedging my chubby biscuits on several of the rides. Glad no one could get a photo of that. We shut the park down at 6 that night. We then spent the night at the lake condo. Jason stayed in Springfield and worked late and was trying to finish up Baby Smith's nursery. Jackson and I had a sleepover with all 13 of his webkins. I woke up to Jackson covering me with one of his "woobies" saying "Mommy I am covering up you and Baby Smith." Mollie Jane slept in the extra bedroom in the queen bed all by herself and did awesome. This was the first time she slept in another bed besides her new big girl bunk bed with a rail. I was a little concerned but when Jackson and I woke up at 9am I went to check on her and she was just relaxing with all her stuffed animals and books. We'll see if we make it back again before Baby Smith comes but if not we sure had a blast.

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Heather said...

Al, you are super mom!! SO wonderful to see you today. Can't wait to dig into my yummy dinner, it's cooking right now. Thanks so much, love you!!