Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mollie Jane is now offically a big girl!

I am such a big girl now! I look at this picture of Mollie Jane in her crib and I feel like I really don't remember her ever being this small! Where has the past two and a half years gone? It has been a little "project crazy" around the Brawner house. The latest big project was moving Mollie Jane into her big girl bed. After weeks of sewing the bedding we finally got some bunk beds and because "the price was right" it consisted of Big Fat Al sanding them and spray painting them white. Really a ton of work but turned out great and Mollie Jane is so excited. Jackson was actually just as excited. He has slept on the top bunk the last several nights. I have always had the rule for my kids that they share everything so they don't necessarily think something is specifically theirs's. Jackson seems to think that he and Mollie Jane are now sharing a room. I think the excitement will wear off after a while but for now they are loving the new bunk beds. Mollie Jane is so thrilled to be sleeping with her "Bubba." Jackson has moved all of his webkins and stuffed animals to the top bunk and he started moving a bunch of toys from his room into her room until I put a halt to that. Jackson wanted to know why the room was so pink and thinks it is a little "girly." When I laid Mollie Jane down for her nap the last two days she says "where is my bubba?" She has done great and knows she doesn't get out of her bed and is constantly telling me "Mommy, you can't get out of your bed." So for now we are having sleepful nights and just one more room (Baby Smith's) to get ready and organize!


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Christy said...

Oh my goodness. Her hair has gotten so long. I can't wait to see her at the lake this summer. Your blog always makes me laugh out loud. I wish Jackson would come make me a pomegranate spritzer for cocktail hour at about 3 pm every day, too. I miss and love you Al. . . .