Friday, April 17, 2009

A great day at the Zoo

We went on Mollie Jane's first official field trip with her class to the zoo. I took Jackson out of his half day kindergarten so he could enjoy the fun. It was a great day after a very chilly week in Missouri. We saw a lion who looked like he had a mohawk, the giraffes with nasty tongues that Jackson thought looked more like fish than tongues, Henry the hippo, some proud peacocks, Elephants (but no babies as Mollie Jane pointed out) and many other stinky creatures. The highlight was riding the train with Mollie Jane's very best friend Caden. He is the sweetest little boy and he is the only one in Mollie Jane's whole class whom she speaks about besides her two teachers. Mollie Jane and Caden are the two who love snack time and all the sweets at the class parties. She has ten girls in her class and two boys but she prefers the boys and her favorite is sweet Caden. We hope that doesn't mean she will grow up to be boy crazy but instead that she is just loves boys cauz she loves her brother. It was a really great day and made me sad for next year when Jackson will be in all day first grade. We are trying to really take advantage of this limited precious time we have left with him. I ask him constantly what in the world are Mollie Jane and I going to do when he is in first grade next year for 6 or 7 hours. His usual response is something funny like "Oh Mommy, I think that's too long, I'll just try being gone about 5 hours."

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