Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jackson's Birthday Party

Jackson's seventh birthday party was a "Glasses Party." He insisted that it be a silly glasses themed party where everyone wore silly glasses. I was a little unsure of how I was going to pull it off but we managed. It turned out very cute. We had about 15 kids there. We invited his whole class and had several party stations set up. Jackson got super into each station and organizing and stocking each station with the supplies. The kids decorated their own pair of glasses, did an egg toss and relays, made pipe cleaner glasses, bounced in the bounce house, opened presents, had cake and ice cream and played on our playground and in the playhouse. Jackson got a special prize together and awarded it to the person who had the most creative pair of glasses. Afterwards Jackson's classmates left and we had a big barbaque with our family. It was a crazy day but lots of fun. Jason had Army drill that weekend so he made it home about mid-party but was there to cut the cake and sing happy birthday which is what Jackson swears is the offical mark to turning a year older.

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