Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter 2010

What a great Easter. We woke up and had our favorite fatty breakfast of eggs and cinnabons. We got our Easter baskets and did our annual Easter egg hunt in our living room. We then headed off to a great service at church. My dear friend Natalie (who is like a sister to me always helping me out no matter how busy she is) invited us over after church for a little breakfast and play time outside with their puppies. We had yummy french toast and then played outside and relaxed. We then came home and changed out of our grass stained clothes (cauz Mommy didn't think to pack play clothes so my kids were climbing trees and rolling around outside in their smocked clothing and suits-Nice!). We then had a major treat and went to Paul and Cyndy's house for dinner. We had my favorite and my kids favorite Honey Baked ham and this spread of delicious side dishes. I think the last time I had a meal that great was Christmas dinner! I told her we could have done pizza at their house and just sat around the table and visited and it would divine. But Cyndy is a great cook and pulled off a "Marth Stewart Easter dinner" complete with three desserts. Jackson took the left over bunny cake that Cyndy made for Easter dinner into Mr. Beckman's class this morning for their snack and he thought he was way cool. She did a little Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. She made some fiesta eggs for the kids and they had so much fun cracking the confetti on our heads outside as we visited. It was a divine meal. The Teas's and Natalie have both so been there for me this year with all the craziness of my work, having a new baby and Jason's frequent time away from our family this last year. They will never know what a God send they have been to me. I don't think I could have survived this last year without them. How grateful I am to them for loving my kids and wanting to spend time with them. It was a perfect way to spend Easter just being with all of them.

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