Sunday, March 28, 2010

My San Antonio Vacation

The favorite activity this time at Mammy's house was this awesome ball popper that Joel's Mom gave Harper for her birthday. My kids were wildly screaming and the babies thought it was hilarious.

The babies in the tubby together!

The matching girls in the Bluebonnets. It was a little hairy trying to pull over on a busy road and get this picture but I insisted because we don't have these in Missouri!!!!!

Harper loves my Mom's jewelry box. She b-lines for it every chance she gets. We caught Harper and Smith playing with Mammy's jewelry together and Mollie Jane thought Smith should wear some too!

My perfect vacation is
warm weather (check-had in San Antonio).
being with my family (almost a check Jason was back home working but now my sister who moved to Austin was there over the whole break with us in San Antonio)
getting to run and have a little time for myself (huge check-I almost felt back to my old self again as I was able to run just about every day in San Antonio)
relaxation-(check-because my Mom is awesome and cooked great meals and so helped take care of the kids and I got away from all the business of my own housework for a week)
eating out-(check I am not sure how many times but probably too many in one week that the Chick-Fill-A at The Rim in San Antonio saw our crazy crew)
shopping-(check-it is hard with two kids and two babies but we managed to find some great bargains)
Overall, it was a great week and I really needed to get away from our busy house and my busy job. It was a much needed vacation. It is always a little crazy driving to Tulsa with all three and then flying by myself with all three. The kids did great and the most important thing is that we made it. I sure didn't look pretty when we arrived but hey, we arrived. We did lots of fun stuff but my favorite was just being with my family and letting my kids hang with my family. I got to see my best college friends who are in Austin. I miss them terribly and wish I could see them more. They are the two cutest pregnant women I know.
My sister and my pals at my Mandy's house in Austin.

Christy, Mandy and I at lunch in downtown Austin.

The boys at the Spurs game at halftime.

Jackson loves Timmy D. My cute boy was on the Jumbo Tron at the game three times! My Dad has had season tickets for like 10 years and says he's never made the Jumbo tron. I'm telling you my boy's a looker!

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