Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Birthday People

I love this picture of the babies in their high chairs and Harper feeding Smith.

We went to San Antonio for Spring Break and we had a fun celebration for the March Birthday people. Jackson turned seven March 23 and Harper turned one on March 1. On Monday night we had a little princess party for Harper. Melissa turned Harper's High Chair into a throne and we had all pink. The next day we went to a Jump place with all four kids to celebrate Jackson's birthday. The babies loved all the baby toys and big mats they could crawl around on. Harper cruised the whole area on a push toy exactly like one she has at home. Mollie Jane and Jackson jumped until they were so sweaty they stunk. We got McDonald's for lunch and had a little picnic at the jump place. We then went home and had a "Buddies" party for Jackson. My Mom and my sister both have golden retriever dogs and Jackson's favorite movies are the "Buddies" movies about the golden retriever puppies and dogs. It was really cute little party. My Mom made Jackson his favorite meal of Pork Chops and broccoli. He was a super lucky boy and got a new set of golf clubs and my Mom got to play with him and said watch out because he can for sure beat me now and may beat my Mom soon if he continues improving his golf game with these new clubs.

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