Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Smith's surgery

When all the babies are born Jason picks out a song for them. Jackson's song was "Jackson" by Johnny Cash. Mollie Jane's song was "Miss Mollie" by Willie Nelson. Smith's song was "Big Balls in Cowtown" by George Strait and so explains the story for this blog. Seconds after Smith was born the first shocking thing we noticed was his massive 10 pound size and then his large balls. He was born with "hydro-seal" or in "Al" terms fluid on the scrotum or enlarged balls. So for the last nine months we have been watching them to see if they would go down and they haven't. So we went to see a Urologist last week and he recommended Smith have surgery to repair the opening from his abdomen to his scrotum to fix the flow of excess fluid. So Smith underwent his first of two surgeries today (one on each ball). We had to be at the Surgery Center at 7 this morning. Poor guy was such a trooper. He woke up so early and couldn't eat or drink anything (and being a Brawner he is a big eater). He was all smiles and quit talkative. He took a little one hour nap while he got rocked by Mommy. They took him back for surgery about 10:30. It was about an hour procedure and he did great. We had to stay in recovery a couple of hours just rocking him and giving him bottles and nursing him so that he could have a wet diaper and be released to come home. He was very sleepy the rest of the day and had a little appetite. The day after the surgery he ran a tempature and barfed but our doctor said that is normal. Poor sweet guy! Big Smith is the first one in our family to have any sort of procedure. We have not broken anything, had stitches or been to the hospital (with the small exception of birthing babies and preventing birthing babies). So this was a big deal in our house. We are glad to have this one done and the next and hopefully last surgery is the middle of April.


Janet said...

So glad to hear it all went well - hope you got my messages! See you when we get home!

dawn said...

Hey Al! Just read this post about Smith's surgery and cried. Our youngest, Will, had surgery last summer and we have pics of him just like Smith's. It is so hard to watch your children go through stuff like this. So very scary. Glad all is well, friend.

Dawn Funderburk