Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Special Week

We had such a great week. We are not Lutheran but we just adore Jackson's Springfield Lutheran School. It was Lutheran school week this last week and every day was something special. There was Pajama day and Jackson came home and immediately reported that he was the only boy in his class that didn't have a robe. I guess I missed that boys now wear robes. So I have my eye out for a robe for Jackson. We then had crazy hair day and Jackson thought he was super hot stuff cauz I went and bought him some green hair spray and we sprayed his hair in a Mohawk. We then had dress up like what you want to be when you grow up. Jackson since he could talk has had several different ideas of what he should do. Jason's great Aunt Jo always said he should be an electrical engineer cauz he was obsessed with lights, fans, how things move and taking things apart and back together. Jackson of course always wants to do what Jason's current job is and since Jason has had several different types of jobs since Jackson was born Jackson also has had several. He wanted to be a pilot, a computer guy, a builder, and his current one is an Army Dentist. He did want to be in the Army like Daddy and not carry a gun but instead a Bible (which fits our so non-aggressive child) but recently just randomly moved to wanting to be a Dentist. Right before we had our "Dress Up Like What You Want To Be At School Day" we had a little scare. Jackson decided he wanted to be a roofer. I thought that was interesting and random so I said "why do you want to be a roofer?" He said he thought it might be fun and "Mr Jeff" is a roofer. Oh dear! I am going to get a picture of Mr Jeff and post it on the blog. Mr Jeff is a roofer that Jason uses to do roofing with his properties. The man does a great roof but has an occasional drinking problem and has literally fallen off the roof a few times and on top of all that he is a massive smoker and has only a few teeth. Mr Jeff drives by our house frequently looking for Jason wanting more roofing jobs and more money. Luckily, I was able to convince Jackson that roofing was a dangerous job and that we don't need to go to school looking like Mr Jeff and that most importantly his school does not allow cigarettes. All that to say, it was a pretty easy argument for me to win but I just hope we have nipped that one in the bud.
The last day of the week was the special visitor week and Jackson wanted my Dad to come. So my sweet Dad flew in and stayed for a long weekend. My Dad took Jackson to school that day and because it was a special day they served breakfast. Jackson and my Dad were so excited that they literally arrived to the school at 7:10 I think breakfast was 7:30 that day and school begins at 8:15. So they walked in with the principal and I'm sure got a stellar parking spot. They were so early they helped set up the tables for breakfast. Then my Dad got to go to class with Jackson all morning and see what first grade was like. Every morning Jackson does something called mad minute. I don't exactly know all the rules about mad minute but I think it is a sheet of addition and subtraction problems and you get one minute and you see how many problem you get. Mr Beckman has all these prizes and rewards for kids who do well on mad minute. On this day the special visitor that got the most problems earned five "Beckman bucks" for their student. Which I guess is like a huge deal. My Dad did mad minute and it was announced that Pops won mad minute and got 72 problems right. I am not sure who was more proud Jackson or my Dad. Jackson was also very excited because if you had a special visitor come then you got to leave school early to have lunch with your special visitor and have a half day of school. Jackson and my Dad went to Incredible Pizza for lunch and played games. Jackson rode a go cart all by himself (for the first time). Of course my Dad said at first he was frightened and didn't want to but in typical Jackson style once he got over his fear and did it he loved it.
We had a great weekend with my Dad with our homemade "steak meal" Friday night. I worked all day Saturday and Jason had Army so my Dad watched all three kids by himself and did awesome. When we all got home we went to Fuji's Japanese Steakhouse our favorite restaurant for dinner. Dad left Sunday and before he left we went down the street to our favorite breakfast place Anton's before we took Pops to the airport. Wish our Pops lived closer. Jackson and Mollie Jane were sad to see him go. My Dad always does funny games with the kids. The highlight of this weekend which they are still doing is walking around the house on these cheap walk-e-talkies that my Dad brought them telling each other "Jackson will you please report to Mr Baker's office for a spanking." "Mollie Jane will you please report to Mr Bakers office for a spanking." (Mr Baker is the principal at Jackson's school.) Most of the time they can't even get through the sentence without cracking up. They think it is hilarious.

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