Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pinkalicious and The Dinosaurs

Pinkalicious the play was in San Antonio and my Mom took Jackson and Mollie Jane downtown to see it. It has been one of Mollie Jane's favorite books ever since we started reading books to her. Jackson actually likes the book but is embarrassed of course to admit it. He was a little unsure of the play but I just promised him I wouldn't make him wear pink to the performance. My Mom said it was precious and Mollie Jane's mouth was wide open the whole performance and Jackson was laughing the whole time. There were several schools at the performance so Jackson felt much better when he got there to see that he wasn't the only boy.
Mom then took them to a dinosaur exhibit at the Science Museum downtown. Jackson loved it and Mom said Mollie Jane was very unsure. The exhibit was so real-like that Mollie Jane couldn't understand that it was just an exhibit. I guess Jackson was very sweet to her and held her hand through most of the exhibit.
I am so thankful to my Mom for doing fun things like this with my kids that I can't seem to find the time to squeeze in. My Mom is so crazy busy with being on about 6 volunteer boards, her travel, her involvement in their church and neighborhood. I am convinced that as a grandmother she has perspective that I don't have and that is that you turn around and your kids are grown and so she just finds the time with her busy life to squeeze super fun activities like this for my kids. For that I am forever grateful.

I love this one of Mollie Jane looking so nerous with the big Dinosaurs and Jackson holding her hand. Priceless!

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