Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Barnabas Weekend

What an awesome weekend. We went out to Barnabas for the whole weekend and took our precious friend Madie. All the leadership staff came in for a retreat. We got there Friday night late and stayed in our house which is total craziness because there is a massive kitchen and bathroom remodel going on. It is going to be great but for now it is like camping out. So we did a lot of hanging out at Paul & Cyndy's house. It was so great to eat all the yummy food and visit with the counselors. My kids love them and cannot get enough of the staff. Jackson, Maddie and Mollie Jane enjoyed the awesome spring weather and played outside nonstop. I had to work all day that Saturday so Cyndy watched all my kiddos. We stayed out most of Sunday and I went on a run on the hilly back roads and attempted to organize our staff house a bit. The kids and I had a picnic Sunday on the playground out there. The dogs always go with us when we go out there. It is like a dog park because Paul and Cyndy have a great dane and with our lab and the bulldog it is pretty fun. Our dogs do great but we had an incident where Winston (the bulldog) ran under the horse corral and tried to bite and jump some of the twenty horses we have out there. Honestly! I don't know what is the matter with that nappy dog but I thought he was going to be trampled to death in front of my eyes. As much as he annoys me I knew I would forever feel guilty for not really liking the beast if something happened to him. It turns out he just got a good kick and miraculously was okay. I got over my panic attack and vowed to keep the dog away from the horses this summer. We are so looking forward to being out there this summer and this weekend was a great preview for what it will be like (hopefully minus my construction zone house).

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