Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smith's Dedication

We had our sweet Baby boy dedicated on Sunday. It was a little difficult getting everyone up, dressed lovely and there on time. A huge accomplishment for our family of five. Our pastor did a great job. I am reminded again today with this dedication that Smith Allen Brawner is indeed on loan to us from the Lord. I learned that lesson when I was pregnant with Jackson and God spoke to me like he had never spoken to me before. I was driving and literally had to pull over my car as I listened to a Christian radio program that I swear was being aired solely for me. I learned that day that from that moment on as a Christ follower my children do not belong to me. Smith is God's child first and mine second. That is always a struggle for me as a Mom who likes to control her children's lives so they live a safe, stress-free happy life. But I have learned how freeing it is to remember that they are all three God's children. He knows their fates. He knows when they will fall down and he will pick them up in his own way. It is not up for me to control. When I really ponder that I feel freer to love them and much less anxiety for their well being. So once again, I am reminded of the same prayer that I pray every time I leave the hospital with these precious blond children and that is Lord I totally commit them into your care. They are your children not mine. Help me daily remember that. I trust you for their lives and I will in obedience follow your will in raising them. Thank you for the opportunity to have this blessed experience. I love remembering that piece about dedicating your children. It is a little easier to feel that leaving the hospital as I am caught up in the emotions of a newborn and post-par tum. So I definitely needed that reminder today and I am sure I will need it again many more times as I continue down this lovely journey of parenting.

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