Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Such a fun party night!

I have some of the greatest friends. What a blessing my friends are to me. They are all like a bunch of little cheerleaders that come along side me in my life and just pull me up and encourage me. We have all been pregnant with the third round of babies together and our other kids are all around the same ages. We have all known each other for a while but really got close the last several years doing Bible Study Fellowship together on Wednesday mornings in Springfield. I think really investing in scripture with these ladies has taught me that I then in turn have a much deeper connection to them. What a blessing that has been. They sure make living in Springfield away from any family and life with a traveling husband much easier. They decided since we were relocating for the summer to the thriving metropolis of Purdy that they wanted to do a barbecue get together. We had a great meal and of course they wouldn't let me bring a thing. The boys ran around and played baseball. The girls walked around the house collecting toys, dressing up and taunting the boys. The babies were so precious and just played on a blanket and crawled around. They sat around and stared at each other probably thinking that they are all going to need to stick together and all be good buds if they are going to survive being the youngest children in these crazy families. Then the kids all got a ride on the "golf/hunting cart." My kids are still talking about it. I am still talking about that my husband feel asleep at this lovely party because he was high on pain meds post surgery. Oh dear! All that said, it was such a fun night. We all get so busy with kids and life and what a blessing it was to me to take a night out and be with my precious friends.

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