Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last Week of School

Mollie Jane is done with school and now will be going four days a week. Smith next year will go to the "Baby class" as we affecionately call it. Mollie Jane has loved her teacher and friends. Her best friend is of course still a boy. Caden. Mollie Jane loves those boys. She did however make some really sweet girl friends this year. We went to the zoo with her class and had a blast. We then had the end of school party up in her classroom. Mollie Jane really excelled in her drawing and handwriting this year. She also developed such a fun imagination. Her teachers really adored her and were very nurturing to her.
I cannot believe Jackson has finished first grade! We have loved Mr. Beckman.
Words cannot express the blessings we have recieved this year from Springfield Luthern School. There was a big carnival at school the last day when we picked him up. Jackson was so excited to eat a hamburger outside by his buddies and Mr Beckman. There were tons of bounce houses and little carnival games set up. The highlight was the dunk tank where he got to dunk his soon to be second grade teacher Mrs. Stouder. Jackson literally dunked her on his first throw. She laughingly told him he might not pass second grade now. He is really looking forward to second grade. We will sure miss Mr. Beckman. I love that Mr. Beckman was so full of life and humor for our "super serious" man. He was such an example to Jackson of someone who radiates Christ's love. He had a real gift for music as he daily played the piano in his classroom for the kids with the loveliest hymns and songs. He really hit home responsibility for Jackson. All those things will be very important traits for Jackson to carry on not just to second grade but for life. I wish life could just push the pause button for a while but I don't see that happening. What a lovely year Jackson had and what a lovely year Jason and I had watching Jackson flourish and grow.

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