Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Birthday Rap for Smith

I am so glad my sister, my niece Harper and my Mom came to see up at Camp Barnabas. They come up right in time for Smith's birthday. They stayed a week and really got a feel for what our life is like. It was so wonderful to have my family there so they got to see what all our excitement was about. Big Smith had his first official party at Camp Barnabas. At Camp Barnabas on a birthday there is a very loud and crazy sort of birthday train that goes all through the dining hall and then ends with a crazy song with lots of yelling and birthday kisses. It was so precious cauz Smith just got one kiss since he turned one. He was a little in shock from all the chaos but has definitely over time gotten used to the nutty dining hall. My sister and Mom were here to see it. Our sweet Sarah, our babysitter in June, led the birthday rap for Big Smith. After all the dining hall fun, we went back up to the house and opened some presents. We actually were at Jason's grandfather's funeral on Smith's actual birthday. So we did his Camp birthday on June 11. We got some fun pics of Smith at dinner and Aunt Jill got Smith some birthday balloons, hats and plates. He actually started taking his first steps on his big day there in the hotel. Both times he was not interested in the cake, brownie or ice cream. He may not have his Daddy's sweet tooth. We'll see.

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