Monday, June 14, 2010

Jackson went to Kanakuk

I cannot believe Jackson is officially old enough to attend Kanakuk! What???
He went first session which started June 1, 2010 and stayed for 13 days. He was all business when he got there and proudly wore his TCU shirt when he arrived cauz he wanted everyone to know that is where his Mom went to school.
He was in cabin 5. I wanted to stay and walk him to his cabin and see all the details of what his 13 day experience was going to be like but instead I watched him go through the crazy fun arrival process where he goes up on stage in the K-dome and says his age, where he is from and his age. He was all business and then everybody screams and he jump on this mat and the next thing we know he was in Cabin 5. His counselor Cole (OSU guy) ran up and gave him a great big hug. I was thrilled to see Cole because he was Jackson's counselor last year. He had another amazing counselor named Brennan (Baylor guy) who was also precious and loved on Jackson.
We picked him up with my Mom, sister, Harper, Smith and MJ. He seemed great at pickup. For me, every time I step foot at Kamp it is like a mini reunion catching up with all the old, retired counselors, staff, and friends there that I made from being a camper there for 10 years and a counselor for 3.
Jackson was all business there. His favorite thing was the blob where he jumped on it and said they tried to push other people off. He loved free swim. He loved being a Choctaw and all the tribal stuff. His favorite meal was the coffee cake on Sunday morning. He made paper airplanes at FOB (Flat on Back) time. He only wrote one letter to Paw-Paw (Jason's grandfather who actually died while Jackson was at camp). It was the most precious letter and he never mailed it. In his cabin he got the Barnabas award which meant he was the encourager in his cabin. He was so proud of being there and showed us all around the camp and his cabin. He got into the famous "silly bands" when he was there and Tyler in his cabin gave him 2. He was so sweet and presented a silly band to Harper and Mollie Jane in his cabin. It was really sweet that he wanted to give them a present and upon seeing them. I promised him I would figure out where to buy some and get some more to him since he gave all his away. He had a great time and when we left he immediately asked if next year he could go 28 days! GEEZ! I'm glad he had fun but I hate that he wants to be gone from our family for a month next summer and I guess I guess that means I need to work a little harder to foot the bill for an extra 14 days! But his amazing time there was truly priceless and so is his smile every time he talks about it!

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