Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A Fun Fourth Weekend!

We worked on our Fairway House over the weekend and did sneak away and go to the pool with my sweet friends. We then headed down to Branson to work on Jason's property which still has not sold (keep praying). We spent the night at one of our rental condos in Branson and then spontaneously went to Silver Dollar City on the fourth. Smith had been walking some but full on started walking at the fountains at SDC. He was so funny walking along in his diaper like Frankenstein with the water randomly squirting him. We had a blast. We then headed back to Camp Barnabas for a fabulous meal with Paul and Cyndy who have literally become family to us. We had so much fun eating and shooting fireworks off at Inspiration Point. The next day, the fifth, was my birthday and the whole family went on a super fun float trip. That was our first offical float trip of the summer and thus started a big tradition with our family. We continued going on float trips about 3-4 times weekly after that. We had dinnier that night in the dining hall and the kids were thrilled because Mommy got the birthday rap with 36 kisses! Then we got back to the business of doing camp. It was a great weekend though!

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