Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Chuck E Cheese Owl Party

Mollie Jane was so excited about her fourth birthday. Being out in Purdy it was a little crazy so this year we opted for a party at Chuck E Cheese. I usually do home parties so this was a little stretch for me but it ended up being perfect. We invited her pals and my Mom and Dad were in town for the big event and were of course a huge help. Jason parents came and our sweet sitter Bre worked her tail off helping me make owl favors and getting organized. If Mollie Jane had a motto it could very well be "girls love owls." I am raising her well, I know! Her room at Camp Barnabas is the cutest pink and green owl room ever. Since Mollie Jane loves owls because I love owls, I looked hard and found these precious owl party items and we ended up with the cutest owl birthday party ever. Mollie Jane was smiling so big. She loved her presents, friends, unlimited tokens, pizza, and soda. She is still talking about it.

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