Sunday, August 15, 2010

My crazy Triatholon

So I had this crazy idea that I really wanted to do a Sprint triatholon. So I signed up and forced myself to do it. Training was really not enjoyable out in Purdy due to the crazy hot blacktop, major hills, country hills and waterslides in the pool. But never the less, I was able to train and finish my first triatholon. Our sweet babysitter from June term at Barnabas commited to doing it with me. How thankful I was to have a pal to do it with. Friday I drove back 12 hours by myself with my three kids from Austin, Texas. We unfortunately got to Purdy at about 10:30 and by the time I unloaded the car and all the bodies and got my bike loaded in my car with everything else I would need for the race it was pretty late. The race was on a Saturday morning. Check in there was at 6:15 and the race started at 7. It sure is a lot to ask for someone who is not a morning person. My time was 1:44. I don't think that is particularly stellar but I was proud to have completed it. My swim was great, my bike ride was difficult but I never got off my bike, and my run was great and I was able to run the whole time without walking. Afterwards, I cheered Sarah on and she ended up placing third for her age division. I was so proud of her. All in all I felt great and then headed to my office to work after that. It was a crazy day. Let's just say that Saturday night I slept pretty good. I think I would like to do it again next year so Sarah Moll better be up for the challange as well because everything is way more fun if Sarah Moll is involved.

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