Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Big Getaway

It has been way too long since Jason and I have gotten away. Since Mollie Jane was a baby. We have just had our share of business these last three years (and that is an understatement). God is so good and literally orchestrated every detail to allow Jason and I to get away for seven days to the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana). It was a last minute find and great deal. Our dear friends in Monett took Mollie Jane for a week. Our sweet babysitter from Camp Barnabas, Bre, took Smith for a week and Jackson for three nights. Paul and Cyndy came to the rescue and took Jackson for four days. Then of course my giving friend Natalie with her crazy schedule took Smith and Jackson for a short weekend. Just that all these people were so willing to help us out and truly love on our kids was a miracle in and of itself. The kids loved their sabbaticals and all did great.
As for Jason and I, can't write too many details (HAHAHA). No we had an amazing time. We slept a ton. I read five books. We ate our way around the resort. We swam and had endless drinks in the swim up bar at the pool. The food was wonderful and I really loved being at an all inclusive resort. I got to run and we got extremely tan. We had an amazing ocean view room. The beach was absolutely beautiful with sand that was like sugar. It was one of those lovely vacations where you just really recharge and rest. We sure needed it after last year and a hectic summer. If it weren't for my kids I might not have come home!
Jason and I had some great talks and I do feel like we did some good goal setting for this next year to help us figure out how we can simplify our life more instead of making it more complicated. Once again, God is soo good. Jason and I have always cherished traveling with each other. I want my kids to understand how important it is for married people to do that. To take time away from the chaos and just focus on each other. It is so complicated trying to do that sometimes but always so worth it. In our case, the craziness of getting everything and everybody ready to go away for a week was definitely worth it. Love you J!

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