Friday, August 13, 2010

My Fun and Fast Trip to San Antonio and Austin!

My parents came up to Barnabas for a visit. It was my Dad's first time to see campers at Barnabas. He celebrated his birthday there and got subjected to the full birthday rap complete with 64 kisses. We went on a float trip and my Dad was frequently found on our back deck with his book. My Mom and Dad took Mollie Jane and Smith back to Texas with them for several days. Jackson and I then drove down to spend about four days. I got to see my sister's new house in the Circle C area of Austin. It was precious. She has done an amazing job on a tight budget to make it look grand. Jackson loved playing with my niece Harper and Harper in turn really enjoyed the chaos of her cousins. We all went to Harper's Little Gym class and had a blast. Jackson still talks about it. I got to slip away and spend some time with my TCU friend Mandy who was due the day I visited with her. Unlike myself, you never would have known she was so far along. She looked great and ended up having her sweet baby Elle the day after I got home. So I guess I'll have to wait and meet Elle at Thanksgiving. We had lunch with my other dear TCU friend Christy. We then went on to San Antonio where we ran errands, swam, ate, and I annoyingly continued to train for my triathlon. I go to be there for my Mom's birthday and the whole family (minus our husbands) went out for a yummy (but random) Asian birthday dinner for Mammy. My precious friend Christy then drove down with her three kids from San Antonio to have dinner with us and hang. It was heaven spending time with Christy and her family. I got to meet sweet baby John who she had in April. She makes three look too easy. The kids and I then drove back to Austin the next day and did dinner with my sister. We sadly left on Friday to head back to Purdy for a trip that was way to quick but well worth the 13 hour drive there and back (even if it was a little nuts).

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