Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bye bye to the "baba" (sort of)

Today was the day we offically said good bye to the "regular baba" as Smith affectionately calls it. He got one every day before nap and after bath. I know it's about time people. I have excuse after excuse as to why we still had our "baba" but it was getting stranger the older and bigger he got. The poor big fellow wears a size 5 at 2 1/2 so even though he's still a toddler he looks like a big kid. The other reality is that even toddler's don't have baba's. So I sacked up the baba's and moved them to the garage so I will be less tempted to "cave". I had purchased these sippy trainer cups for 12 month olds to transition from the bottle. We have been trying those for several months. He did not really like them and just reverted to saying "I need a "regular baba". But Momma wised up & just said they're gone. No going back now. We now love our "pirate and turtle baba's". It took a couple of days and it was surprisingly relatively painless but the "regular baba's" are now history! Jason feels like these are still bottles but they claim on the package to be a sippy cup. So I'm going with the packaging. Onward and upward with Smith Brawner as we now get serious about potty training (he's ready, I'm not cauz it's so much work) and with working on him being a "big boy". He is the third for sure and the baby of the family for sure cauz every time you ask him if he is a big boy or a baby he proudly replies "I a baby, I not a big boy, I a baby". Oh dear!!!

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